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Why manufacturers and suppliers benefit
Deliver your product data to shoppers
How It Works
How It Works
Enhanced, structured data starts with you

Bing has launched an initiative that offers manufacturers and suppliers control over the product data displayed on Bing, where search is more than a box and a list of links.

Bing has partnered with Edgenet, experts in cleansing and organizing product data, to help power Bing’s product search experience.

Get your product data to Edgenet and be the first in your vertical or industry to benefit from richer product data.

Then in the coming months, fueled by the data you’ve provided, the world will discover a better shopping experience for all.

The Bing advantage

Bing has partnered with Edgenet to ready the best details, images and descriptions of your products for the billions of searches it handles each month.

You provide Bing your data, and Bing will cleanse and deliver it to their audience, costing you nothing more than a little time.

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The problem

At a brick and mortar store, shoppers read product labels, hold items and inspect demo models. An online shopper demands the same product scrutiny and in-depth experience which is achieved only through researching excellent product data. That’s where you come in.

Product search on Bing has always delivered the best product information that Bing could find. With the product data initiative, Bing goes to the best source on your products and brand: you.

When we collect data directly from product manufacturers, and then Edgenet’s expertise in data cleansing and organization is applied, the Bing product search experience will deliver the best for your current and future customers.

How to improve your data for billions of searches a month:
Deliver your product data
1. Deliver your product data
Edgenet structures & improves your product data
2. Edgenet structures & improves your product data
Better shopping experience for all
3. Better shopping experience for all
The solution

The solution is simple: provide Bing with your product data, and help shape the best consumer product search experience.

Imagine the difference that accurate data and rich images could make in terms of conversions, lower product returns and the overall shopping experience for your customers.

The results

The Bing product search experience puts product data at the consumer’s fingertips and delivers rich images to create a compelling shopping experience.

How it works

Click here to get started. Edgenet's interface is easy-to-use and the team at Edgenet is ready to help you with any questions you might have about how to get your product data into the Ezeedata system.

Why Edgenet?

There is no one better at product data than Edgenet.

Edgenet's unparalleled technology, extensive experience in working with manufacturers to collect and improve data and proprietary processes put it at the top of the industry.

How it works

Take control of your product data feed and deliver rich product data to Bing with Ezeedata's Search!

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1. Score, evaluate and enhance

Edgenet's proprietary processes will scour, cleanse and structure your data - and Edgenet will give you a data quality score so you can better understand exactly where your product data set stands - both against Edgenet's standards, and against others in your vertical.

  • Ezeedata structures product data so shoppers can research and compare your products.
  • Ezeedata's technology automatically improves syntax and structural errors that limit your product data set.
Ezeedata Search offers unparalleled data feed optimization for search and shopping engine feeds. Better feed management means richer data, which in turn creates a more rewarding shopping experience.

2. Publish and control your brand

Once Ezeedata has completed its improvements, Ezeedata will certify the data, and then you publish your data for delivery to Bing.

  • Once your product data is certified, you can choose to deliver it directly to Bing and millions of Bing users.
  • There’s no middle man: you control the quality and relevance of the product details shoppers will view.

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